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Salaat Iqama
Fajr 5:00 AM
Dhur 1:45 PM
Asr 7:00 PM
Maghrib Sunset
Isha 11:00 PM
Juma 1 2:10 PM
Juma 2 3:10 PM
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Full time islamic school

Full Time Islamic School

Please complete this survey for a fulltime Islamic School in Pickering Region. This form is here to gather data to assess the needs of the Muslim community of Durham Region. Please fill it out as thoroughly as possible. Click here to complete survey   JazakAllahu khair


PIC – Sisters Committee

The need to have a voice for the sisters at the Pickering Islamic Centre had long been felt, well, it has finally seen the light of the day. The Majlis Shura of Pickering Islamic Centre acknowledges their enormous contribution to the Centre and has formalized a seven member Sisters Committee to enrich the community with…